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Gymnastics Evolution Since the 50s

Gymnastics Evolution

Whether or not you’ve had the experience of looking at an old album of pictures (real pictures or those on an old computer/website), but the experience always gives a sense of accomplishment when we can see how much has happened during that time, hopefully that is the feeling and not one of wasted time and opportunities. When we found this gymnastics evolution video we thought we had to share it with everyone.

To those who are in love with gymnastics, or perhaps just enjoy watching the sport during events it is a great opportunity to compare how much things has changed in the last decades. So, take a few seconds and watch this video showing the evolution of gymnastics since the 50s.

When it comes to technology and skill, us humans sure have come a long way.

The guys from MTV News put together this gymnastics evolution video, showing some of those differences. So, let’s take a quick walk down memory lane together.

Anyone who sees a gymnastics competition for the first time will have to admit that it is super awesome and phenomenal. Some, even go so far as to compare the athletes to actual ninjas.

Gymnastics Flying Cartwheel on a Balance Beam | Gymnastics Evolution

Back in the day, it didn’t look as impressive. At least, when we look at those performances by today’s standards.
In the past though, it wasn’t always that way.

1950's Walk on a Gymnastics Balance Beam | Gymnastics Evolution
However, we’re not supposed to just forget what was accomplished by the great gymnasts of the past. More often than not the performance and routines from back then provides the foundation and the basic technique for the great gymnasts of today and 50 years from now.
Go out there, or to your gym, and try some of the moves you saw on this video, you are probably a lot more of a Ninja than you think. Still, part of being any good athlete is to learn from the past generations who’ve helped pave the way for you.